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Benefits of corporate yoga

For the employee:

  • Diminished stress, anxiety & fatigue 

  • Improves concentration, alertness, memory & mental clarity

  • Relieves symptoms of a sendentary lifestyle (neck, shoulder, upper and lowerback pain)

  • Better general health

For the employer

  • Promotes team work 

  • Improved workplace morale

  • Healthier corporate culture

  • Higher job satisfaction in employees

  • Increased productivity

  • Lower employee turnover 



In today's working environment, employees are increasingly stressed as they struggle to manage the pressures of a demanding work load as well as their many personal responsibilities. Amongst the fast pace of life and work, they also often find it difficult to carve out time for themselves to relax or stay fit. 


Corporate yoga classes help combat this vicious cycle by providing individuals with a scheduled time to take a break.


Tessa teaches all level corporate yoga classes that allow employees to put their minds on pause and reconnect with themselves, all while stretching their bodies and challenging their strength and flexibility! She specialises in sequencing that appeases repetitive stress injuries and postural imbalances that occur from long periods of sitting. Her aim is not only to relax her students temporarily, but to provide them with mindful tools such as breathing techniques and meditation excercises that they can repeat on their own when they feel overwhelmed or need to manage feelings of anxiety, and stress.  

 Classes are taught in French or English and are not limited to the Brussels Region. 

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