Benefits of postpartum yoga

  • Restrengthens the pelvic floor after childbirth to avoid urinary incontinence

  • Tones & stretches the upper back and shoulders, to prevent pain which may come from breastfeeding, repeatedly picking up your baby, or other baby associated heavy lifting (car seats, etc)

  • Helps realign and strengthen spinal integrity which may be reduced or loosened for up to 8 months after giving birth due to the relaxin hormone

  • Strenghtens the core 

  • Prevents postpartum depression


"Mommy and Me" classes aim to gently nurture and slowly strengthen the body after childbirth. The primary focus is the reintegration of organs and muscles that have been stretched. These classes are performed with your child and aim to awaken muscles in your body and motor skills in your babies body as well as to provide a time and space to connect with your baby in a fun and interactive setting. Tessa requests that mommies wait atleast six weeks after giving birth to begin classes and that they specify the conditions of their birth (natural, cesarean, first child or other), and any other relevant details when contacting her for appointments. 

 Classes are taught in French or English and are not limited to the Brussels Region. 

For Availabilites and Rates, email here.

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