Benefits of pregnancy yoga

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor for a more comfortable pregnancy and birthing experience

  • Opens the hips, loosens and brings back flexibility to the group of muscles and bone structures in the pelvis for an easier birth

  • Helps alleviate lower back pain associated with the shift in gravity that arises with a growing belly 

  • Relieves symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen feet, & headaches

  • Develops healthy breathing techniques to reduce stress & anxiety and improve sleep, (along with imagery can be used during childbirth)

Prenatal yoga classes aim to prepare the body for labor with gentle stretching and breath work all while maintaining muscle tone. Each class aims to provide the expectant mother with: a time to check-in with herself; a series of postures which will vary from class to class; as well as a relaxation period which allows her to calm her thoughts, listen to her body, and to forge a deeper bond between mother and unborn child. 


 Classes are taught in French or English and are not limited to the Brussels Region. 

For Availabilites and Rates, email here.

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